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Rabbi Kennard is available to speak on topics such as :

  • Is there a God?

  • Who Wrote the Torah?

  • The Myth of "Rabbinic Judaism"

  • Science and Judaism: Discord or Harmony?

  • The Transformative Power of Jewish Learning

  • Seeking Spirituality

  • Will We Have Jewish Grandchildren?

  • What is a Jewish Identity?

  • From Jewish Identity to Jewish Commitment and Beyond

  • Why Be Jewish?

  • Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People? 

  • Finding Reasons for Mitzvot

  • Should We Take Midrashim Literally?

  • The History of the Jewish Bookshelf

  • Masada versus Yavneh - Then and Now

  • The Ten Words That Summarise Judaism

  • Shabbat in the Twenty-First Century

  • A Guide to "The Lonely Man of Faith"

  • Modern Orthodoxy: Are We Living Up To The Name?

  • Jewish Education in Australia: Contemporary Challenges

  • Eight Days a Week: Why Chanuka Lasts Eight Days

  • The Pesach Seder: Using Memory to Create the Future

  • What's the Torah About? A Drama in Five Acts

  • Rashi's Methodology

  • Why I Am A Religious Zionist

and the many hundreds of textual shiurim that are found in the archive on this site

Mathematical Topic

  • To Infinity and Beyond

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